Free Solar Quote

Free Solar Quote

Many solar companies offer to do consultations for free.  When you receive a free solar quote from A-Line Energy Solutions, however, you ‘re going to get more than just a quick, generic estimate.  We go into the nitty-gritty details.  What’s included in our free solar quote?  Find out here.



Electric Bill Offset

When we create a solar quote for you, we start by inputting your local utility company and monthly electric values.  We don’t just use a generic average.  Our computer knows exactly how much you’ve used each month with a detailed utility analysis.  When you’re done, our output will show you how much of your electric bill we can offset.



Sunshine Map

Some solar softwares just guess at how much power you’ll lose due to shade.  A-Line Energy Solutions will actually give you a detailed sunshine map in our free report.  This irradiance map will show you how much sun is hitting your different parts of your roof throughout the year.



3D Design Layout

We draw your house in 3D using a google maps feature.  You’ll be able to see an accurate look of what your design will look like.  You’ll have a 3D view and an arial view of your system and where every panel will be placed.



Cost Breakdown with Incentives

Your free solar quote from A-Line Energy Solutions will also show your system cost.  We’ll show you the cost before and after incentives.   Incentives will make the cost much lower due to federal tax credits and any other available grants and rebates in your area.

Annual Savings and Cash Flow Charts

Next, your free solar quote will show you annual savings estimates, cash flow charts, and payback periods.  This will help you see what the best method would be for financing your system.  We can also show you a year by year spreadsheet of how much money you’ll make over time.


Cash vs. Loan Financing Comparison

You’ll also see many tables showing monthly averages of your expenses between the loan and cash options.  You’ll be able to see how affordable solar can be.  If the numbers don’t make sense in your situation, we will be honest with you and let you know.  We only want to help you go solar if it is right for you.

Environmental Benefits

Last but not least, you’ll get to see a summary of how you’re impacting the environment through your choice to go solar.  You’ll see how many trees you’re saving, how many fewer miles you’re driving, and how many cars you’re effectively taking off the road.  Most people are shocked when they see how much one solar panel system can clean up the air!


A free solar quote from A-Line Energy Solutions is definitely worth your time.  If your dream is to go solar, and you’re wondering how much of an impact you can have on your finances and on the world, don’t wait.

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