It’s Urgent to Go Solar Kansas City

It’s Urgent to Go Solar Kansas City

Have you been pondering getting some type of renewable energy installed in your home?  For the last several years, the solar industry has enjoyed a unique competitive advantage.  If you wanted to get solar panels in the Kansas City area, you had several great benefits to enjoy.  These benefits won’t last long.  Here, you’ll see why it’s  urgent to go solar Kansas City.

Tax Credits

First, the government is providing a 30% tax credit for anyone who installs a qualified renewable energy system.  This applies to commercial and residential customers.  This benefit is critical in making your solar panels more affordable.  Thus, almost 1/3 of your system cost will be taken care of by the government.  American taxpayers only have 2 years left to enjoy this benefit.   The tax credit begins gradually decreasing after 2019.


Also, the price of solar panels is about to rise all across the United States.  Two solar panel manufacturers have filed a lawsuit with the International Trade Commission.   They’re attempting to combat “unfair” pricing of low cost imported panels.  As a result, this new tariff could add as much as 40% to the cost of solar installations in the U.S.  Hence, solar equipment distributors in the United States have already started gradually increasing their prices.  Installers are scooping up all the low priced panels that they can.  On average, dealers used to be able to find panels for as cheap as $0.38/Watt.  The increased prices will make panels double in price to nearly $0.78/Watt.  These changes will take effect as soon as January 4, 2018.  Contact us today to go solar Kansas City and beat these price increases.


Additionally, the cost of electricity is on the rise in Kansas and Missouri.  Nationally, the average cost of electricity has risen from 8.5c/kWh to 12.5c/kWh.  This is nearly a 50% in increase in the span of 12 years.  The cost of energy fluctuates depending on oil markets, foreign diplomacy, and even natural disasters like hurricanes Harvey and Maria.  As a result, the only way to stop this ceaseless increase is to switch to solar energy.  You’ll have a fixed monthly payment and a guaranteed steady supply of energy.


Lastly, certain rebates and incentives for going solar are starting to vanish.  Sadly, Kansas City Power and Light has exhausted its funds for the 2017 solar rebate.  Thankfully, they’re continuing to offer generous rebates for other energy upgrades like LED lighting for businesses.  Meanwhile, other utility companies in the area are continuing to offer rebates, but not for long.  Farmers and businesses in rural areas have one of the best opportunities.  Up to 25% of their system costs can still be paid for by the Rural Energy for America program.

So, with a vanishing tax credit, increasing solar panel prices, and rebate money being used up, it’s never been more urgent to go solar Kansas City.  Fill out the form on the right to learn how you can go solar now.  Beat the rising costs that are just on the horizon.