Solar Power Kansas City

Solar Power Kansas City

What are the main things to consider when deciding to switch to solar power Kansas City?  The decision to install solar panels is a major investment, but one that will almost always pay for itself.  A few criteria need to be met.  Let’s look what types of houses are the best for solar power Kansas City.

Roof Orientation

The orientation of a house or building’s roof is a major factor in deciding whether solar is a worthwhile investment.  In our area, it is ideal to have a roof face pointed directly to the south.  This maximizes the amount of sunlight hitting the solar panels at the ideal angle.  It’s also best if this roof face has few dormers, chimneys, vents, or other obstructions on it.  Solar panels need to be at least 3 feet from roof eaves and ridges in most cities.  This means that a large roof face is ideal.  However, many houses with an east/west array can still see very nice results.  Also, flat roofs on commercial buildings provide lots of flexibility in array design.  These make for some of the easiest and most efficient solar designs.  Of course, if someone has enough available land, a ground mounted system can take care of all orientation issues.


Many prospective solar buyers aren’t quite aware of how much of an effect shading has on the efficiency of their array.  It’s hard to quantify, because every tree or other obstruction is different.  The best case scenario is to have all solar panels completely exposed to the sun at all times of the year.  Thankfully, we specialize new technologies exist that can minimize shading problems.  These are known as multiple power point tracking inverters, micro-inverters, and DC optimizers.  Again, if roof shading is a problem, this problem can be overcome through a well placed ground mount.

Electric Costs

Saving on electrical costs is most people’s main reason to get solar power Kansas City.  People who have high overall electrical costs will see the most benefit from solar energy.  Recently, we talked to a guy who had an electric bill of only about $60 per month because his house was small and his appliances were efficient.  In his case, solar panels would not be the best investment, because utility companies will still charge a small monthly connection fee.  People who have high electric costs of at least $150 per month will see the most benefit.

Appliance Types

Next, those who have mostly or all electric appliances will see the most benefit from solar power.  Houses that have electric heat, electric stoves, and even electric cars are primed candidates for solar.  Additionally, businesses that use high powered electrical equipment like welders and robotic equipment have testified of seeing massive savings through solar power.  Many people switch to solar and all electric appliances in an aim to eliminate the need for a natural gas bill.


In the near future, we believe that solar power will be the norm for most properties.  In the mean time, many neighborhoods are great for solar, while others have some obstacles to overcome.  Some homeowners associations forbid the installation of solar panels due to aesthetics.  Frequently, homeowners can successfully convince HOA boards to change their standards when they see the latest sleek solar mounting technologies.  They are also impressed when they see the positive effect that solar has on home values.  Some people selling their homes have reported dollar for dollar equity increases.  Of course, this would be more likely to be true in neighborhoods with median or higher prices.

Tax Bracket

To make the most of the 30% renewable energy tax credit, you need to make sure that your tax liability is large enough.  Most solar companies, ours included, will show your system price with the 30% tax credit already discounted.  However, if you have a smaller annual income, you’ll want to talk to your tax professional to see if you can take full advantage these tax benefits.  Some accountants carry forward this tax credit over several years.


All of these factors are difficult to consider on your own.  Even for the most experienced designer, it is hard to know just off the top of one’s head how big of a system size you’ll need and how much you’ll save.  That’s why we at A-Line Energy Solutions rely on the industry’s most robust solar design software.  Our software models your building in 3D, considers weather data, shading of nearby objects, your electric costs broken down by utility company, your appliance types, and all sorts of financial data.  With this much precision, our experts can design a system that will exactly meet your needs and maximize your savings, without over-designing.  Contact us today to find out see a custom solution that will work in your situation.  There is no obligation to find out if you should get solar power Kansas City!