The Best Reasons to Go Solar #2: Saving the Planet

The Best Reasons to Go Solar #2: Saving the Planet

Here’s another good reason to switch to solar energy.  Solar is saving the planet.  This topic can be tricky, because some people don’t give a darn about the earth while others would give their lives for it.   I’m somewhere in the middle, and we want to be your partner in going solar whatever your position is.
But it doesn’t matter what your political persuasions are.  I know for a fact that God has given us a beautiful place to live.  Our first job as a human race was to take care of it.  I remember growing up and seeing wondrous sites such as Lake Michigan’s crystal blue shimmer, the overflowing gush of hydro power at Niagara Falls, or the amber fall colors of Western Michigan’s forests.  For me, there is nothing like getting out and breathing in a fresh clean view of untouched, untainted nature.  I’m sure that at some point, your heart has been moved by natural beauty too.
I also know uninspiring how it feels to go on a hike and see styrofoam cups along the trails.  I feel repelled by the brown scum floating in the rivers.  I’m sure you’ve driven into a huge city and gotten to inhale the thick smog filling murky, grey skies.  I have some relatives who lived in China.  They had to visit the doctor frequently because the smog was so bad.  The skies there were never blue.  When they came back to the states, they were astonished that they could actually see the stars!
I’m not going to go into a whole bunch of stats about decreasing oil production and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.  Just google it if you feel like it.  All I know is that God has given us more than enough energy to meet all our needs.  The main way is through the sun.  Solar panels are the key to harvesting this energy and saving the planet.
This stat will blow your mind.  The current energy consumption of the entire human race is 17.7 terawatts.  That’s 17,700,000,000,000,000 units of power.  Now, that might sound like a whole lot.  The sun, however, shines 80,000 terawatts on our globe all the time!  That is 80,000 trillion Watts.  That is 4,519 times what we as a human race use right now.
The sun gives us more than enough energy to meet our every need!  We’ve developed an amazing way to harness it.  Now it is simply up to us to make the choice With the help of homeowners like you, solar is saving the planet.
When we create an energy proposal for you, we’ll show you how much your solar panels will help to change the environmental destiny of the world.  You’ll see how your system’s power output will equal a certain number of trees planted, tons of coal left unburned, and cars removed from the road.  For instance, a typical residential 6kW system has an equal impact to driving a car 440,625 total miles, growing 4,745 new trees, or taking 39 cars off the road per year.  Of course, the impact of a larger commercial system is even more staggering.
Whether or not the environment is a major concern of yours, I think we can all agree that we love seeing bluer skies, breathing in fresher air, and enjoying cleaner nature.  Contact us, even if you’re just curious, to find out how much of an environmental impact you can have by switching to solar energy.

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