Recent Projects

Schools and other government buildings can receive great incentives for installing renewable energy systems!

This barn mounted system in Grain Valley features APSystems microinverters.  Microinverters are mounted under the panels.  Each panel's power is converted separately, so even if there is shade, the other panels will still perform at their best.  The design also features Tier 1 modules from ET Solar.

This project at a bank in Raymore includes top tier Jinko solar panels with microinverters.

It was exciting to help another commercial contractor through installing rooftop solar on their building.  This 32 kW system features panel claw, CSun 320W panels, and dual Fronius Symo 3 phase inverters.

This 11.56kW commercial system includes the versa bracket racking system, Fronius Primo inverters, and Seraphim 340W American made panels.