What Equipment Do You Need for a Do It Yourself Solar Installation?

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // March 28, 2018 // Blog

When people see solar panels advertised for a price per panel of $180-300 each, they often end up surprised at how much the total equipment package costs when all is said and done.  You can’t just plug a solar panel straight into your house and let it run (but wouldn’t that be sweet).  What equipment […]

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Kansas City Electricity Prices

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // March 14, 2018 // Blog

Many people ask about the rate at which Kansas City electricity prices are rising.  We took an in depth, honest look at how much energy prices had risen in Kansas City over the last 10 years. To start, we explored the KCPL website to see the Kansas City electricity prices history.  Their website shows what […]

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Can I start small and add to my solar panel system?

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // March 7, 2018 // Blog

I frequently get asked by do it yourself solar installers if they can start with a small solar panel system and add to it as time goes on.  This is totally a possibility if you like to pay as you go with cash. However, there are several reasons why we don’t recommending installing your solar […]

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Will I have to increase my homeowner’s insurance for solar panels?

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // February 28, 2018 // Blog

Many homeowners are curious to know if their their insurance costs will increase for solar panel installation.  Some wonder if the increased insurance costs might offset the savings they would see in their electrical costs.  Here is a good analysis on whether solar panels will end up costing you more money than you expected. Most […]

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Solar Will Help You Save On Your Electric Bill

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // February 21, 2018 // Blog

solar will help you save

Lots of solar marketing boasts of helping you save on your electric bills with 0 money down.  In some situations, this can definitely be true.  When we sell solar equipment, we always want to make that we leave customer’s better off financially than when they started.  In the long run, solar projects can help most […]

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Solar for Rental Properties

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // February 14, 2018 // Blog

solar for rental properties

Have you ever considered solar for rental properties?  A lot of real estate investors love the idea of going solar.  They often wonder if it is worth it on their rental properties.  This has been a puzzle to me for a while, but as I’ve pondered and researched, I’ve come to the following 4 conclusions […]

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Free Solar Quote

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // February 7, 2018 // Blog

Many solar companies offer to do consultations for free.  When you receive a free solar quote from A-Line Energy Solutions, however, you ‘re going to get more than just a quick, generic estimate.  We go into the nitty-gritty details.  What’s included in our free solar quote?  Find out here.     Electric Bill Offset When […]

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Kansas City Solar Installers

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // January 31, 2018 // Blog

Are you searching for the very best of Kansas City solar installers?  When making a major investment in your home, you want to make sure you are hiring the best.  Look no further than A-Line Energy Solutions. Advanced Technology Many solar companies in our area do great work.  However, they often base their estimates on […]

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Should I Get Ground Mounted Solar Panels?

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // January 24, 2018 // Blog

ground mounted solar panels

Most pictures of residential solar installations only show rooftop solar panels.  In most cases, putting panels on the roof is the best way to go due to space or layout limitations.  However, there are several other great mounting possibilities to consider when installing solar.  One of the best is ground mounted solar panels. What are […]

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What is the Best Way to Finance Solar?

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // January 17, 2018 // Blog

the best way to finance solar panels

Solar power is appealing for many reasons, whether for cost savings, environmental activism, or backup power reassurance.  But many homeowners feel stuck financially when desiring to make this dream a reality.  What is the best way to finance solar?  Find out in this article just a few of the options that are available. Cash If […]

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