Creating Clean Energy!

A-Line Energy Solutions helps you switch to solar power and LED lighting.  Are you tired of rising electric costs?  Sick of air pollution?  Worried about power grid failure?  We're here to help you save money on your electric bill, clean up the air, or have backup power for emergencies.  We create clean energy for your future.

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When people see solar panels advertised for a price per panel of $180-300 each, they often end up surprised at how much the total equipment package costs when all is said and done.  You can’t just plug a solar panel straight into your house and let it run (but wouldn’t that be sweet).  What equipment […]

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How many solar panels do I need to run my house?

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // March 21, 2018

Many times, homeowners ask us how many solar panels they need to run their house.  Often, people will ask how many panels they can fit on a 1200 sq. ft. house.  I often reply with a big “it depends.”  This article will explain why.  How many solar panels do I need to run my house?  […]

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Kansas City Electricity Prices

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // March 14, 2018

Many people ask about the rate at which Kansas City electricity prices are rising.  We took an in depth, honest look at how much energy prices had risen in Kansas City over the last 10 years. To start, we explored the KCPL website to see the Kansas City electricity prices history.  Their website shows what […]

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If you are thinking about going solar, I wholeheartedly recommend A-Line Energy Solutions. My electric bill was $115.00 per month, and now my bill is only an average of $15 per month!


Thank you all so much, you guys do a fantastic job with communication and getting the job done!
 Your team is over the top. I stopped by one afternoon, after flying back in from out of state, to find your team working out back on the roof. The guys all took time to talk with me and even shared photos of the electrical box modifications they had made, what a great team you have. Please share with them I am very thankful to have had them all working on my project.  -David in Lee's Summit

All of A-Line’s crew will answer all the questions you can throw at them, always with patience and a smile.  Total professionals and caring guys.  I recommend them highly!  -Stephanie in Kansas City


I had done my research and realized that solar panels would be a great investment for my building.   Although this was the case, I was hesitant at first as I had a fairly new roof installed and was worried about damage during the installation practice.  A-Line’s crew was extremely cognizant of the new roof and went out of their way to make sure the entire process was handled with the utmost care.  Their employees were fantastic to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone.  Great Job!  -Joe in Appleton City, MO


A-Line Energy Solutions is trustworthy, honest, and dependable.  I'm amazed at how quickly and smoothly projects are completed when I work with them.  -Ryan -KCMO