Kansas City Solar Installation

Kansas City Solar Installation

Kansas City Solar InstallationIf you live in Kansas City, solar energy can be a great solution for solving your energy needs.  Some people may think that solar energy is reserved for places that get year-round sun.  They think of places like California, Arizona, and Texas as being the ideal places for solar installation.  However, solar energy is also a very viable energy source in the midwest.  This post explores all the reasons why in Kansas City solar energy works really well.

Sun Index

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has conducted studies to discover which states have the best potential for solar.  Their studies use a metric known as the sun index to calculate solar output potential.   Kansas is in a tie for 8th place with a sun index of 0.95.  Meanwhile, Missouri is in a tie for 14th place with a sun index of 0.87.  (For reference, California has a rating of 1.0.)  This means that Kansas and Missouri have a high enough potential to make Kansas City solar worthwhile.

Property Tax Exemptions

In some states, a big chunk of the savings you could realize from a solar installation is actually taken away in property taxes.  Because solar installations have such a huge effect on home value, in many cases a dollar for dollar equity increase, these upgrades also result in a huge increase in your property taxes.  Thankfully, both Missouri and Kansas have property tax exemption laws for solar.  These laws ensure that your property taxes will not go up if you decide to invest in renewable energy upgrades.  It’s also good to know that systems under 10kW are exempt from needing any additional insurance in Missouri.  This reduces the soft costs of Kansas City solar installation.

Net Metering Laws

Some states permit utility companies to avoid paying customers for excess power generated.  Net-metering laws in Missouri are favorable toward solar customers.  Missouri law requires all utility companies to pay you for power that you generate.   Kansas also has favorable laws in most situations.  Investor owned utilities there are also required to provide net metering.  For almost all Kansas and Missouri residents, excess power that your panels produce is fed into the power grid.  This results in a good sized reduction to your power bill.

In conclusion, Kansas City solar is viable from a weather and economic standpoint.  Call us now or fill out your info on the right.  One of our solar experts will help you determine if solar is right for you!