Recent Projects

This beautiful 12 kW array in rural Missouri features the Schletter FS ground mount system, one of the best mounting systems that exists.

This ground mounted system at the wastewater treatment plant in Malta Bend, MO is one of our favorite projects to date.  Ground mounted systems are usually easier to install and maintain.  They're a great option if you have some space available to work with.

Solar benefits those in the city and in the country.  This successful solar installation was completed at the U.S. Engineering building right in the heart of Kansas City!

This 97kW commercial installation in Kansas City, KS features 340W Seraphim American brand solar modules with the panel claw racking system.

This 100kW system made all the difference for a Topeka farm supplier's retail and repair center.  The array is mounted right above their repair shop where lots of heavy electrical loads like welders are present.

This installation at Smithville High School was featured in the Kansas City Star several years ago.

Farmers have some of the best opportunities for grants and rebates to get a high return on investment for using part of their land for solar.

This 25 kW system supplies renewable energy to a major agricultural supply center in Missouri.