Solar Energy Kansas City

Solar Energy Kansas City

Solar Energy Kansas City

Solar Energy Kansas City

The decision to switch to solar energy is a big one.  There are so many scientific, economic, and legal things to factor into your decision.  Here are all the things you should consider before making the jump to solar energy Kansas City.

Electric Bill

First, you need to determine in your electric bill is high enough to justify making the major investment to switch to solar.  Houses in our area with an average monthly electric bill of $100 or more usually make the best fit for switching to solar.  Additionally, you need to be tired of paying the ever increasing costs of electricity, money that you’ll never get back.

Electrical Loads

Next, you need to examine what your electrical loads are.  Do you have electric heat or water heating?  Do you use conventional bulbs lightbulbs?  Do you have an electric car like a Tesla, or do you plan to in the future?  Do you have a pool or hot tub?  The more questions you answer yes to, the more you’ll definitely want to consider switching to solar energy Kansas City.

Local Laws

Additionally, you have to examine whether there are any local laws or homeowner’s association regulations that could be obstacles to your solar installation.  Thank fully, Kansas City has utility companies and laws that are quite favorable toward the progress of solar energy.  In a few cases, you’ll have to persuade an HOA board or a city council on the benefits of solar energy.  Often times, they will gladly allow a homeowner to make those changes when they see the economic benefits to their areas.


Next, you’ll want to look at your roof to see if it is the ideal type for a solar installation.  The best kinds of roofs are south facing roofs with clear sun exposure year round.  Many homeowners also find great benefit from east/west facing arrays.  You’ll want to have an expert consult with you to see if your roof’s shape would lend itself well to a solar installation.


Shading is also a potential obstacle worth considering.  Thankfully, many new technologies exist to combat this problem if you find yourself in this situation.  Microinverters and DC optimizers are advanced tools to help solar panels perform at their best even if some nearby are covered by shade.  Another great option is to install a ground mount to fix any orientation and shading problems.


As far as panels go, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a really high quality panel.  Tier 1 solar panels have certain manufacturing, warranty, and efficiency standards.  A good solar panel should have a workmanship warranty of 25 years.  Often, solar panels will continue to have a great output performance for up to 35 years.  You want to make sure you invest in the best.


The inverter is the box that converts DC from your solar panels to AC.  You’ll want to make sure that you choose your inverter carefully with expert help.  Make sure the efficiency of the inverter is at least 96%.  Also check to make sure it is a Tier 1 product.  A grid-tied inverter works for most people, but it will only work if the power grid is still on.  Check out brands like Fronius, SMA, and Solectria for these types of inverters.  Some people will want to look at getting a hybrid inverter with backup batteries.  This will ensure that your panels will actually work in a power outage.  Solaredge, Schneider, and Outback have some of the best hybrid inverters in the market.


Lastly, you’ll want to take a careful look at the financing for your system.  Do you have the cash to pay for the entire system outright?  Most people opt for some time of loan.  A home equity loan is a great low interest option.  FHA 203b construction rehab loans are also a great way if you don’t have all the equity you need to get your solar upgrade.  Another idea is HERO financing, which is available in Missouri at this time.


With so much to consider, it’s doubtful you want to make this big of a decision alone.  You will want to have an expert guide you step by step through the solar installation process.  A-Line Energy Solutions has very special tools to help you make wise choices systematically.  Our advanced software factors in every piece of data we have just discussed.  We will input your monthly bill, your appliances, your electric car, etc.  We will design your house in 3D and look at nearby obstructions.  Also, we’ll analyze your system with different types of panels and inverters.  Lastly, we’ll analyze the affordability of this system using 2-3 different types of loans.   With A-Line Energy Solutions, you’ll know all you need to know to make an informed decision to switch to solar energy Kansas City.