Stephanie’s Solar Story

Stephanie’s Solar Story

stephanie's solar story

Stephanie’s Story

Stephanie is just one example of a Missouri resident who got to enjoy the major benefits of solar.  This is her solar story.  At the time she first looked into getting panels, there was only one company in her area doing solar installation.  She called them for a quote.  After one look at her house on google maps, they turned down the project because they claimed a tree was blocking her roof line.

So Stephanie went outside to check her roof.  She looked for any signs of shading from that tree and found none.  Determined to push through and achieve her goal of saving on her electric bill, she contacted A-Line Energy Solutions.  Micah, the owner A-Line Energy Solutions, checked the maps for himself.  Then, he personally came out to the house to see how much sun her roof really receives.  Micah thought it would be a great investment for her.  Pleased to know that solar was a viable option, Stephanie agreed to let us do the project for her.

Like many homeowners, Stephanie had lots of questions before, during, and after the installation process.  She said of our installers, “All of Micah’s crew will answer all the questions you can throw at them, always with patience and a smile.”

On the Kansas City Power and Light level pay plan, Stephanie used to pay $115 per month for her electricity.  After upgrading to the new plan, she only pays an average of $15 per month for her bill.  “If you’re thinking about going solar, I wholeheartedly recommend A-Line Energy Solutions!” she exclaimed.  “Total professionals and caring guys!”  She liked her solar panels so much, she even asked us to do some other improvements to her house, which we gladly completed.

Your Story

Stephanie’s solar story can be your story.  You can receive the personal service that A-Line Energy Solutions has to offer.  You can receive a unique design proposal that will show you all the fine details of how well your system will work.  We’ll model your house in 3D, draw surrounding trees, calculate roof tilt, and carefully analyze your savings potential.  Contact us to see how you can experience the relief that Stephanie does every month when she pays her electric bill.  Come work with a company you can trust.