Solar Grants for Farmers

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // January 10, 2018 // Blog

solar grants for farmers

Many farmers in Kansas and Missouri love the idea of switching to solar power and other types of renewable energy.  Residents of major cities in Kansas and Missouri have already missed their best opportunity to get rebates from their utility companies.  Farmers, however, have an awesome chance to take hold of a government program called […]

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Stephanie’s Solar Story

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // January 3, 2018 // Blog

stephanie's solar story

Stephanie’s Story Stephanie is just one example of a Missouri resident who got to enjoy the major benefits of solar.  This is her solar story.  At the time she first looked into getting panels, there was only one company in her area doing solar installation.  She called them for a quote.  After one look at […]

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Kansas City Solar Installation

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // December 13, 2017 // Blog

Kansas City Solar Installation

If you live in Kansas City, solar energy can be a great solution for solving your energy needs.  Some people may think that solar energy is reserved for places that get year-round sun.  They think of places like California, Arizona, and Texas as being the ideal places for solar installation.  However, solar energy is also […]

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Solar Energy Kansas City

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // December 6, 2017 // Blog

Solar Energy Kansas City

Solar Energy Kansas City The decision to switch to solar energy is a big one.  There are so many scientific, economic, and legal things to factor into your decision.  Here are all the things you should consider before making the jump to solar energy Kansas City. Electric Bill First, you need to determine in your […]

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How to Overcome Solar Shading Problems

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // November 29, 2017 // Blog

There are many situations in which shading from trees and other objects could knock out a lot of potential solar production.  Dirt, patchy clouds, tree branches, chimneys, and even bird poop can reduce your electrical bang for your buck.  Are you wondering how to overcome solar shading problems?  This article explores some of the ways […]

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Solar Maximizes Commercial Real Estate Profits

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // November 22, 2017 // Blog

If you’re a commercial real estate investor, you already know the main ways to maximize your profits and increase your property’s appraised value.  When you acquire a new multi-unit residential or retail building, you have the main goals of decreasing expenses, increasing income, adding value to the building, and finding tax advantages.  This article explores […]

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Solar Panels Kansas City

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // November 15, 2017 // Blog

solar panels kansas city

Are you wondering where to get solar panels Kansas City?  Out of all the companies out there, it is important to work with a team you can trust.  Here’s why A-Line Energy Solutions is the best place to get solar panels Kansas City. Local Presence When buying solar panels, Kansas City, you want to make […]

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The Best Reasons to Go Solar #4: Saving Your Life

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // November 1, 2017 // Blog

solar power can save your life

For a lot of people, solar is simply a way to save some money and be a part of cutting edge, environment saving technology.  For others, it’s all about self-sufficiency and getting off the grid.  This might sound pretty dramatic, but solar power can save your life.  How do we know? Hurricane Maria  Do you […]

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The Best Reasons to Go Solar #3: Building Your Equity

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // October 25, 2017 // Blog

beautiful solar panels

Here is another of the best reasons to go solar.  You can go solar to build equity.  When you buy solar panels, you’re not throwing money down the drain.  You are buying an asset.  You’re buying something that has real value.  Here’s how. Is it better to buy or rent a home?  There’s plenty of […]

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The Best Reasons to Go Solar #2: Saving the Planet

Posted by TRACY GARDNER // October 18, 2017 // Blog

Here’s another good reason to switch to solar energy.  Solar is saving the planet.  This topic can be tricky, because some people don’t give a darn about the earth while others would give their lives for it.   I’m somewhere in the middle, and we want to be your partner in going solar whatever your position is. But it doesn’t matter what […]

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